feconnect new features, 2014 to 2015 QAR and publications

Feconnect new features

When we asked what you would like from feconnect you said that you would like to be able to choose when to receive email notifications about topics on the forum. How often you receive emails is now up to you.

You can receive emails:

  • For responses to specific topics by subscribing to topic
  • For notification of every topic by subscribing to the forum
  • For a daily or weekly update of what has gone on by subscribing to a digest.

There is guidance on how to subscribe on the help page. We will add more help tips in the next few days.

Another of your suggestions was the ability to ‘like’ posts. We have added this feature to the new site. Just click on the “thumbs up” if you like the post.

Let us know if you find this feature useful. You can email us at feconnect.sfa@sfa.bis.gov.uk or you can comment in the forum topic feconnect is live again.

2014 to 2015 QAR – final release with national / provider comparators

The national and provider type comparators will be added to your QAR dashboards on Tuesday 5 April. To prepare for that release, the QAR dashboards will be unavailable from 6pm on 3 April until 10am on Tuesday 5 April. The following was in Update this week.

Qualification Achievement Rates: Final Release 2014 to 2015 and Minimum Standards Dashboards

On Tuesday, 5 April we will release final 2014 to 2015 apprenticeships and education and training qualification achievement rates (QARs) and minimum standards (MS) onto the Hub and Provider Gateway.

There will be a business intelligence (BI) dashboard for each college or other training organisation on the Hub and a detailed data extract available on the Provider Gateway. You can access the dashboard from the Hub using the ‘My BI’ tab.

The data includes the type of training provider and national comparators in the final release. For help and advice on how to access the Hub user roles, please email the Service Desk.


You can read the letter from Skills Minister Nick Boles to all colleges and independent training providers updating them on the further education (FE) reform programme.

Apprenticeship grant: employer fact sheet

Apprenticeship grant for employers of 16 to 24 year olds (AGE 16 to 24), eligibility information and how to apply.

Apprenticeship grant: employer declaration and agreement

Information about the grant for training organisations to help check employers’ eligibility.




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