ILR Learner Entry Tool Version 1.2

Version 1.2 of the 18/19 ILR Learner Entry Tool is now available for providers to download.

To import your data from Version 1.1 to the new Version 1.2 of the tool, we would advise the following:

1. Export the current file from Version 1 of the ILR Learner Entry Tool by clicking Export data and save the file. Please ensure to check all records have been exported before deleting the application (records without the minimum required fields will not export).

2. Delete Version 1.1 of the ILR Learner Entry Tool ensuring to also delete or rename the .ilr database file from the computer so that the new download does not create two database files with the same name.

3. Download the new 1.2 version of the ILR Learner Entry Tool.

4. Using the new 1.2 version, click Import data and select the saved ILR file.

If you require further advice, please refer to the ILR Learner Entry Tool user guide below or contact the Service Centre.


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