Known issues and multiple data lock issues

Known issues and multiple data lock issues
In April (R09), we successfully deployed a code fixing 90% of known issues relating to multiple data lock errors.

However, we have since identified an issue relating to unexpected errors where some training providers are seeing a data match error when details in the ILR and apprenticeship service match.

We have added this to the known issues document –
and we are currently working on further improvements to the data match component to resolve this data mismatch issue.

When you see a data match error, please check your data on the apprenticeship service and your ILR file in the first instance. If this data is identical (relating to the error code and description you see on your data match report), you do not need to make any data changes. We expect your payments to be automatically adjusted by R14 following updates to the funding calculation.

Please check the known issues document –
for updates.


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