R05 funding monitoring reports published

R05 funding monitoring reports published

We have published the R05 funding monitoring reports on the Hub. The funding monitoring reports user guide 2018 to 2019 explains how to access the reports and any actions you must take to ensure data is correct.

We have also published a known issues log, which tracks issues that are affecting the suite of reports, and the dates we expect to resolve these. You should refer to the user guide and the known issues log when reviewing your reports.

For further information, please contact the service desk, marking your query for the attention of the funding rules monitoring team.


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  1. Ivor

    The recently released FRM18 implies that non-full level 2 learning aims cannot be offered to unemployed 19-23 year olds, whereas I had interpreted this rule as dictating that a full level 2 must be from the legal entitlement offer and does not prohibit non-full level 2 qualifications being offered to unemployed 19-23 year olds who want work and not a qualification.
    Having carefully re-read the funding rules and reviewed the 18 19 ESFA Webinar presentation FRM18 appears to be applying what I consider to be a nuanced interpretation of the rules and webinar depending what and where you read.
    Can anyone please advise as to the accuracy/interpretation of FRM18 as I am equally surprised that level 2 ESOL has been identified on this report whereas I would imagine that achieving ESOL at level 2 would facilitate learners doing a full-level 2?
    Confused and concerned about this mis/interpretation!


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