Provider Digital Service blog: are you ready for 2016 to 2017 contracts?

Picture of a laptop with the Skills Funding Service on the screenHi folks,

The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) will shortly be issuing funding contracts for 2016 to 2017. The contracts will be issued on the Skills Funding Service (SFS), our new digital contracting platform.

You have to use this service to view and agree your SFA contracts. You can also use the service to query and withdraw a contract should you need to.

New user roles
In order to access contracts on this new service you must have one of the first three user roles below:

1 Contract authoriser: view and download contracts, query contracts and agree contracts
2 Contract manager: view and download contracts and query contracts
3 Contract user: view and download contracts

Contract authorisers and managers will receive automatic email alerts when a contract is ready to sign or review – and when a contract has been signed.

4 Provider support user
Users with this fourth user role have their contact details displayed on the Skills Funding Service screens for other users in your organisation to see. This role is intended for users who can assign user roles and support your users internally.

One or more people within your organisation can be appointed to any user role.

Requesting a new user role
The user roles for this service are managed on our Identity and Access Management System (IdAMS). IdAMS is the same identity management system used by providers to manage Hub user roles. This enables Hub users to use the service without having to remember another set of log-in details – but you still need to have an SFS user role.

To request a user role, provider staff first need to register on IdAMS.

Once you have registered and your access is approved, log-in to IdAMS and follow the steps below:

  1. When signed in, go to ‘My user profile’ to request a user role
  2. Request a user role from ‘Request access’ in the ‘My user profile’ screen
  3. Look for the SFA system and user roles under the ‘Access name’ field
  4. A confirmation screen is displayed each time a role is requested
  5. The request for a user role will be sent to your IdAMS administrator (super-user)
  6. Your IdAMS administrator (super-user) will assign the role
  7. You can check the status of the request when logged in under ‘View my requests’

Email confirmation is sent once you have been approved for the role you requested.

Help and support
For more help and advice please contact our service desk

All the best

Greta Smalley
Provider Digital Service Manager


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