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Hi folks,

This week we will be emailing a form to all organisations that are required to submit a subcontracting declaration for the academic year 2016 to 2017. There are two routes for returning data for this declaration:

  • To send a ‘nil return’ please follow the link in the email to the Skills Funding Service (SFS) and click the button in the sub-contracting area to confirm you have no subcontractors.
  • To submit your subcontractor details please complete the declaration form as usual and send it to the address provided in the email.

All declarations need to be returned by Wednesday 14 December.

The new process for nil returns is the first step in improving the subcontractor declaration process. If this proves successful we hope to move the whole subcontractor declaration process to SFS for the next return in the new-year.

User roles
In order to access the SFS sub-contracting area and declare you have no subcontractors, you need one of the user roles below:

  • Contract authoriser
  • Data returns and claims authoriser

Read our previous blog post for details of how to request a user role.

Managing user roles
If you manage the user roles for your organisation please note that the URL for the user administration area changed last week, so it may not be accessible as a saved favourite or bookmark. Please use the following link to access the user administration area from now on:

All the best

Greta Smalley
Provider Digital Service Manager


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