Provider Digital Service blog: are you ready to sign your funding claim?

Hi folks,

We will shortly be issuing final funding claims for 2015 to 2016 on the Skills Funding Service (SFS) for organisations funded through a grant for:

  • Adult Skills Budget (ASB)
  • Discretionary Learner Support (DLS)
  • 24+ Advanced Learning Loans Bursary (24+ ALLB)
  • Community Learning (CL)

You have to use this service to view and sign your funding claim.

User roles
In order to access funding claims on the Skills Funding Service you need one of the user roles below:

  • NEW ROLE Data returns and claims authoriser: sign, view and download funding claims. This is a new role is for anyone that has delegated authority to sign a funding claim but is not authorised to sign contracts.
  • Contract authoriser: sign, view and download contracts and funding claims.
  • Contract manager: view and download contracts and funding claims
  • Contract user: view and download contracts and funding claims

Email alerts
Contract authorisers, data returns and claims authorisers and contract managers will receive automatic email alerts when a funding claim is ready to sign – and when a claim has been signed.

Please make sure you check your spam or junk folders for our emails and mark them as safe so you do not miss them. You can also check with your IT department that emails are not getting caught in spam filters.

All the best

Greta Smalley
Provider Digital Service Manager


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  1. jessicar


    After assigning one of the above roles to myself (I am a super user) does it take a period f time for the system to refresh because I can log into SFS? I keep getting the message that I do not have access.


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