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Provider Digital blog: an introduction to our systems


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This is a presentation that has recently been shared at a number of events across the country, to welcome new providers into the Skills Funding Agency (SFA). It highlights some of the key activities that providers working with levy-paying employers will need to carry out and the systems where you can complete those actions. I hope you find it...

feconnect headlines 4 September 2015

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There have been a few queries this week about where to find Rule Violation reports from the Funding Information System (FIS). For 2015 to 2016, the Rule Violations report is only available in CSV format. Rather than popping up on screen like the pdf version of the summary report does, the CSV report will be saved in your FIS user workspace. If you are not sure which...

LARS tables, FIS component set and data issues

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This week we have a summary of what was discussed at the software writer group meeting and a reminder of some of the latest publications. ILR R10 is now open; all providers are expected to submit data during this collection. Almost 200 providers have already submitted their data.

2015 to 2016 data collection systems
This week we met with...