Apprenticeship Data Match Report R10

Please ensure you always check Data Match Reports after each submission for any Apprenticeship starts after 1 May 2017 as the status bar may not indicate when errors are picked up by this report.

The Data Match report highlights any inconsistencies between the ILR data and the Apprenticeship Service. These errors will result in no payments for these learners unless corrected. Please allow any changes on the Apprenticeship Service one hour to feed through. You will be required to resubmit your ILR on the Hub afterwards, as always we recommend that you submit your data as early as possible.

The Data Match Report can be found on the Data Returns tab of the Hub by clicking on the ILR upload for the latest collection window. The report is located with the regular ILR rule violation CSV and PDF reports.

If you are experiencing any issues with the Apprenticeship Service, please contact the National Contact Centre for further assistance; or 08000 150 600.


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