Apprenticeship Service – New Agreement Identifier

This week employers and training providers will be able to see a new agreement identifier number in their accounts. This unique number is automatically generated and displayed when an employer signs the employer agreement in their apprenticeship service account. It will also become visible in a provider’s account once an approved training commitment is in place with that employer.

Training providers can start to enter the identifier for any levy-funded apprenticeships in their Individualised Learner Record (ILR) returns from 23 August (R01) onwards. The agreement identifier is not currently a mandatory requirement so payments will not be affected where an error is identified.  A warning will be reported for any errors as part of the normal ILR validation process.

The agreement identifier has been introduced to support future simplification to the data matching process used in the apprenticeship service, and we will update you about this work through our usual communication channels. As part of our continuous improvement work we will monitor usage of the agreement identifier over time to identify opportunities to reduce data issues.

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Comments (4)

  1. Chris_The_ATP

    The agreement ID is per organisation and not per apprentice. You can see a list of these by selecting “Organisations and Agreements” from the main menu page on the AS.

  2. Peter Hancock

    I think that we have to add this for all learners, both new and continuing, though absent data will generate only a warning, not an error.

    I’ve just looked at the AS and it appears that we have to look up the agreement ID individually for each apprentice. Is there any way to view them more easily, eg by downloading a spreadsheet which shows both apprentice names and their agreement identifier?

  3. Caz

    Me neither.

    I assume Is it for all new learners, or will we need to add it for current/in learning?

  4. steveh

    Um, has this actually happened yet? I can’t see it anywhere on my Manage Apprenticeships page?

    Also, will this data be downloadable as a batch from AS with, say, learners’ ULNs or are we going to have to manually dib it in to our student record systems?


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