The new way to submit learner data is here

The new service that will replace the Hub is ready for you to use.

Please make any future data submissions for ILR, ESF round 1 or EAS using the new service.

You can access it at:

Both Provider Information Officers and Provider Submissions Users can submit data and view reports via the new service.

Your uploads will count as real submissions and there’s no need to submit another file through the old Hub.

We’ll transfer any file you upload in the new service to the old Hub, which you’ll still have access to. By doing this, we can check if the test reports generated in the new service are the same as those generated in the old Hub.

Your reports

Your real reports – the ones you will be paid from – are still those produced in the Hub.

Please do compare the test reports with your real ones and let us know of any differences. To make the system work at its best, this is the key information we need from you.

You won’t see a full suite of test reports in the new system yet, but you should see:

ILR reports                                                                            

  • Rule Violation Report
  • ALLB Occupancy Report
  • Funding Summary Report
  • Main Occupancy Report
  • Maths and English Report
  • Apps Indicative Earnings Report
  • Trailblazer Employer Incentives Report
  • Trailblazer Apps Occupancy Report
  • 16-19 Funding Claim Report
  • 16-19 Summary of Funding by Student Report
  • Adult Funding Claim Report

EAS reports

  • Funding Summary Report
  • EAS Submission Report
  • EAS Validation Report

ESF reports

  • ESF Funding Summary Report
  • ESF Aim and Deliverable Report
  • ESF Supplementary Data Rule Violation Report

Periodic providers: you can use the new system like everyone else. It may look as if your submissions are showing under the ILR standard return periods though. This is just temporary as we’re still working on your view of the system. Please continue to make submissions by the usual dates.

Validation report issues

There are a few errors and warnings you may come across in the new system that we’re working hard to fix. If you see one of these, you don’t need to get in touch.

  • LearnDelFAMType_62 and LearnDelFAMType_60 – where we’ve calculated the learner’s age incorrectly (Warning)
  • DateOfBIrth_52 – we’re not calculating the months in between correctly in certain scenarios
  • DelLocPostCode_03, Postcode_14 and PostcodePrior_01 – we’re not recognising the postcodes correctly for these error

Stay up to date on the issues that may cause differences in your reports by checking the DCT known issues 2018 to 1019 list. If your fault is already recorded, you don’t need to get in touch.

There will be teething problems

We’re fully expecting some of you to come across things that aren’t quite right, but it’s ok. This what this stage is all about.

When this happens, we’d like you to contact us in the first instance. Support Desk is available as usual and you can raise tickets as normal

By helping us identify faults, we can fix them before we turn of the Hub for good.

If the deadline is looming, and you still haven’t managed to submit a file via the new service (this should be rare), please use the old Hub. The file you submit last, whether by the Hub or the new service, is the file we’ll use to calculate your payments.

Tell us what you thought

Hearing your thoughts will help us improve the service.

To tell us your views, complete our quick survey. It should only take around 5 minutes:

If you prefer, you can contact our user researcher directly at


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