Data Lock 07 price mismatch information – resolve before R14 hard close

Your data match report may show DLOCK_7 errors (no matching negotiated cost of training and assessment found). These errors occur when there is a price information mismatch between your ILR submission and records held on the apprenticeship service.

In some instances, the ILR price and apprenticeship service price appear to match on the report, however it does represent a mismatch in the price information that you need to correct.

This specific error occurs when an apprentice has been recorded in more than one ILR year file, and changes to the negotiated price and/or when those changes took place, do not match.

If you get this error you must ensure all price information for that apprentice for each ILR year is identical across all ILR files that contains that apprentice.

• If you are trying to record a price information change that occurred between 01 August 2017 and 31 July 2018 you should record this in your R14 file by 6pm on 18 October 2018.

• If you have already recorded a price information change that occurred between 01 August 2017 and 31 July 2018 in your R02 file, you will need to ensure that your R14 file is identical to avoid a data mismatch.

When you make a change to the price through your ILR, any remaining price mismatches for that apprentice will be shown on your Data Match report. You will need to resolve these errors in order for payments to be made for that apprentice. To do this, log onto your apprenticeship service account and request that the apprentice records are updated. Your employer will need to approve all changes to the price before payments are made.

For more information please refer to pages 98 and 99 of the ILR Provider Support Manual

If you are still unable to resolve an issue you can contact the service desk by Email: or Telephone: 0370 2670001.

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  1. emeen


    I have already raised this error via the service desk – I called and was told to e-mail and I haven’t heard anything back.

    The learner that this is affecting is an 1819 transfer, but it’s effecting the R14 draw. The ILR is correct – and what I have entered into the AS is correct but I am still getting this error over and over again. I’m at a loss as to what to do – the AS are saying that I got this error because for some reason (even though I have transferred other learners and not had this issue) my stop on the 28th August and the restart in the AS are overlapping – the AS is backdating the restart on the new standard. After uploading R14 there have been no data lock errors created in the AS for this learner (or the ones I have who have a DLOCK_10 for who I also haven’t had a response about), and I don’t understand why the transfer is being affected in this way.

  2. Henry ESFA (Post author)

    Please raise queries regarding DLOCK via the servicedesk – or telephone: 0370 267 0001

  3. Caspar Verney

    If the Provider gets the data accurate and correct, but the employer fails to take the required remedial action then what will happen? Will the ESFA wash their hands of such a problem?

  4. AnnieAnnie

    I am receiving this error because the ILR is matching with a stopped record on the Apprenticeship service?


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