Document Exchange user feedback requested from Local Authorities

Document Exchange user feedback requested from Local Authorities

We are doing some work to improve the user experience of the Document Exchange service.
In this round of research, we are particularly interested to speak with service users within local authorities.

Would you like to take part in some research to help improve this service?

We have some new designs for Document Exchange that we would like to test with people who use it to make sure it meets their needs.

What this would involve

• A brief conversation about your experience of using the current system
• We will invite you to an online web meeting with myself and another researcher. I will share my screen with you so you can see the new designs
• We will ask you to complete some tasks typical of ones you might normally complete on the service to test its usability, look and feel
• The session will last approximately 60 minutes and It will give you the opportunity to give feedback.

Are you available on Thursday 14th, Friday 15th March or Monday 18th March?

If not but you would like to take part, please suggest some alternative dates

If you or a colleague who uses the service would like to take part, or if you have any questions regarding the research, please contact


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