EPAO validation rule switching from a warning to an error from R12 ( further clarification)

The field can be left blank until an EPAO has been agreed for the standard. By leaving the EPAO_Org_ID field blank, this will not cause the learner record to fail validation.

If the learner has already withdrawn in 18/19, the same validation rules will apply. The field does not need to be completed but corrected if the data has been returned and currently receiving a warning or error message.

However, where providers are leaving this field blank [either for existing or withdrawn learners] they also need to ensure they are not recording the end point assessment price as there is validation in place for this.


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  1. Skelly7

    I’m a bit worried about this we deliver Vet Nursing apprenticeship and there is not an EPA organisation for them yet.

  2. Ro

    HI Simonl
    We have done the same with the TNP1 and then gone back and split to a TNP1 and 2
    We did it in a previous contract year without any problems with DAS, just hoping it doesnt cause any problems with the current cohort!

  3. Frances Hill

    OOOO following SimonL’s question……….

  4. simonl

    We have learners on a standard without an EPAO so have recorded the full cost including training and assessment as TNP1. If an EPAO becomes available I am assuming we then have to go back and change the TNP1 to take out the assessment cost then add in a TNP2 to show assessment costs?
    Will this have any effect on DAS too?

    THank you


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