EPAO validation switching to an error from R12

The ESFA we will be switching the EPAOrgID_01 validation rule from a warning to an error from R12. This means that if you record an end-point assessment organisation that has not been approved to carry out the end point assessment for the apprenticeship standard being delivered on your learner data records within your ILR file it will fail validation. This will result in you not being paid for those learners and any funding previously paid for these learners in 18/19 will be recovered.

Please make sure that where this data is returned you have recorded the end-point assessment organisation correctly in your R12 data submission to avoid failing validation.

Details of the apprenticeships each end-point assessment organisation is approved to assess can be found at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/register-of-end-point-assessment-organisationsand this information is updated monthly. The validation rules are published on gov.uk


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  1. Cris Hale

    Hi Natalie,

    I am getting this rule, but I think it must be in error. I have no way of knowing though, as the register of EPA Orgs doesn’t say anything about what dates they apply to, as the validation rule does.

    Where can I get this information? I’m fairly sure it must be wrong.

    For example, I have a completed learner who did the EPA for his Business Administrator standard this January who is triggering the warning. City and Guilds (EPA0008) re entered as the EPA Org, and are the ones who conducted it. I can’t really change it now – it has already happened.




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