For all training providers and employer-providers: apprenticeship service webinar series – Recognised prior learning

The apprenticeship service will hold a webinar on 26 June covering at initial assessment and the recognition of prior learning.

The purpose of the webinar is to inform training providers and employers about the need and the importance of undertaking an initial assessment, and how an apprentice’s prior learning should be recognised.

It will also reference the recently published guide Apprenticeships: initial assessment to recognise prior learning.

The content will include;

  • What is initial assessment
  • The importance of initial assessment
  • Assessing prior learning

The webinar will start at 12:30 and will last for around 45 minutes including time for questions.

For more information, please see our webinar registration page.


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  1. RParkes

    Will the full series be put on the youtube channel? I only see one video there at the moment.

  2. Paul

    Will you be releasing more dates? It says the event is full and wont allow me to register for 26/6. thanks Paul


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