Qualification achievement rates (QAR) 2017 to 2018 – provisional data now live

Qualification achievement rates (QAR) 2017 to 2018 – provisional data now live

We have published your provisional QAR 2017 to 2018 data. The data is available in the ‘QAR reports’ section of the Data Returns page on the Hub.

You have until 5pm on Friday 1 February to inform us of any concerns about how we have implemented our published methodology; you cannot request fixes or adjustments to your 2017 to 2018 individualised learner record (ILR) data.

If you have any queries with the provisional data, please complete a data query form, email this to the service desk and ask us to assign your query to ‘ESFA Business Operations QAR’.

Accessing QAR data

To access your QAR data extracts and business intelligence (BI) reports on the Hub you will need to ensure that your user role allows you to access the Data Returns page. Please see the hub guide to user roles and the in-year guidance for more information.

Business rules, dataset specifications and guide updates

Please check the latest versions of the business rules, data set specifications and data extract guides on the QAR 2017 to 2018 webpage.

The main changes from version 1 of these documents are:

• a change to the exclusion rule for aims recorded with a withdrawal reason of transfer to another aim with the same provider
• exclusion of former Employer Ownership Pilot (EOP) provision
• inclusion of the high needs students (HNS) flag in the QAR data
• revision of qualification type derivation (in the education & training dataset specification)
• clarification about how we handle the data for sixth form colleges that convert to academies

We have also republished the QAR reports user guide.


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  1. Simon France

    The reporting spreadsheet is fantastic, thank you. Much better than the BIRST Dashboard as it actually works at a speed that is usable and it is easier to share among staff.

    The E&T MS Qualifications tab did confuse me a little because we had some aims showing as below minimum standards but yet the Provider Rate column showed 100%. After some digging it turns out this Provider Rate column is showing the Retention Rate and not the Achievement Rate.


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