Update: Qualification achievement rates (QAR): dashboard decommissioning and new reports

From 1 October 2018, Birst (My BI) will be decommissioned and the dashboards currently accessed through the BI Tools tab on the Hub will no longer be available. If you want to keep any of the QAR reports that are currently stored on Birst, please export and save these before 1 October.

Whilst we upgrade our reporting technology, we are providing interim QAR reports in Excel format. Your final 2016 to 2017 QAR reports and in-year 2017 to 2018 QAR reports will be available this week in the ‘QAR Reports’ section of the Data Returns page on the Hub. We will also make the final 2016 to 2017 QAR reports available to Ofsted.

The interim reports contain the same data as the Birst dashboards. We have published new guidance for these reports on the QAR webpage.

We will use this format to publish the provisional and final 2017 to 2018 QAR data, in line with the usual publication schedule.

To access these reports you will need to ensure that your user role allows you to access the Data Returns page on the Hub. These user roles are different from those used to access Birst. Please see the hub guide to user roles and the in-year guidance for more information.

The Department for Education is committed to providing value for money and making use of the latest technology to offer the most effective reporting tools and enhance user experience. We will introduce upgraded reporting technology to key partners in quarter one of 2019.


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