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  • splant

    We have a 34 year old learner who wants to join our GCSE English and Maths courses because he doesn’t have these qualifications. He is eligible for funding in usual circumastances but he is currently studying towards an Open University degree in Languages.

    Is this learner eligible to be a fully funded learner in 13/14 to do the GCSE English and Maths qualifications with us?

    My initial thought was no because he would be HE learner doing a degree, but is he if hes doing it as an OU student?

    What do others think?

    Thanks in advance,




    Hi Sarah

    There’s nothing to stop individual HE students accessing FE funding, it’s only if a provider goes off and signs up a whole classful of them. Certainly in this case anyone who doesn’t have A*-C is automatically fully funded and this is no exception.


    Simon France

    I remember there was a rule once about not funding learners on full time HE courses but I can’t find anything in the 2012/13 Funding Guidance that refers to it now.



    Thanks Steve and Simon.

    I was always told if the learner weas doing a full time HE course, then we couldn’t fund them through FE (just like if a 16-18 year old learner was in FTE at a school 6th Form, we couldn’t fund them because it was a different pot of money), but I wasn’t sure if OU was different or not? Whether it is solely funded by a learners contribution or whether the government part fund it?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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