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  • Caspar Verney

    According to http://feconnect.education.gov.uk/blog/get-feconnected/get-feconnected-55/ some Providers are being asked to fill in an Excel Spreadsheet about 13/14 data after the final close and answer if a data error has been found.

    Personally I am not happy with terminology because the implication is that the Provider has made an error, whereas the systems to check the data have actually been at fault because the issues were never revealed during the academic year, despite the Authorities apparently having known about that at the time. Why was nothing said at the time? Surely the Authorities want accurate data and surely Providers want accurate data – so why not one help the other?

    Anyway, one of the options given in the FeConnected article is:

    B. If the funding claimed is correct then enter “N” in the ‘Is this a data error? y/n’ column (M) and enter in the ‘comments’ column (N) why this is. This means that you acknowledge that your ILR data does not support the claim, but you have additional evidence in the learning agreement that does.

    How can saying that there is no data error mean that the ILR data does not support a funding claim? I do not understand this – can anyone else see what is meant please? If the ILR data is correct and that inexorably leads to funding being drawn down/paid then why does the data not support the claim if the data is correct? It is inevitable that Providers will have/keep evidence to support any of their claims, so why is this strange thing being said so particularly at this time?

    I sense something wrong here, and just wonder what others make of it?


    Martin West

    Hi Caspar,
    A typical example is where a provider has claimed full funding for 24+ but has not returned either employment status or a BSI so does not evidence in the ILR that the learner is unemployed.
    Yes the provider may have evidence but the SFA are correct in questioning is the ILR data correct.
    I do not see any issues with this.


    Caspar Verney

    Hi Martin,

    Surely in the example you quote there is a Data Error because BSI has not been filled in, or the Employment Status has not been returned correctly? In such circumstances I would expect to answer the question Is this a data error? with Y. The funding may have been correctly claimed and paid as Fully Funded, but there is a data error which can be explained and justified in your example, which is what should be put in the comments.

    I still don’t get this.



    I’m with Casper on this one – I thought the opposite of what the guidance said. A data error meaning there is something wrong with the data, but not the funding.

    Just changed all my y’s to n’s to align with the guidance.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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