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    Does anyone have any idea when we may hear about the following for 13/14:
    • QCF Units
    • Generic and Class codes
    • Qualifications that will not be available in 2013/14 for new starts

    We’re trying to plan our 13/14 programme and I’ve been asked to find out if we’ll hear about the above any time soon?



    I have a piece of string, if you’d care to measure it…

    “in time for 13/14 provision” seems to be the best we have, so before 6th september certainly [morbid irony face]

    I’d be surprised if quals that aren’t on the current spreadsheet will be funded, if there’s something you need that isn’t there already, I’d be on to the SFA straight away if I was you.

    Given that units are mentioned in the Funding Rules as continuing to be fundable for appropriate learners (para 41) I’d suspect you could assign funding values based on their credit value and pwf?

    I’m interested in a certain subset of generics myself and have a meeting with SFA to discuss in a couple of weeks, I’ll Report Back, of course.



    Many thanks Steve – that would be great if you could report back on the generics.

    I already have my own piece of string to measure – no more required…. 😉



    We brought up the question with our SFA at a meeting on Monday (around generic aim codes) – We got referred back to the funding xls that lists the funded quals:

    “Providers, awarding organisations and the wider sector should be aware that the Agency will be undertaking a consultation where funding may be withdrawn (from 1 August 2013) for a qualification or non regulated provision which is currently funded. Therefore this catalogue may be added to when the outcomes of the consultation are confirmed in early April 2013. Further information about this will be available on our website:”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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