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    Can anyone tell me which document explains when 16-19 payments and reconciliation clawbacks are made please. I’ve looked but cannot see something which explicitly explains when payments are made.

    All profile and reconciliation information is displayed by month, but the payments are made in the month after. I’m sure this is the also case for reconciliation as with payments, as they are effectively netted off against each other, but I cannot see anything which definitely says this.



    The answer is in the contract – all payments are paid around the 20th of the month that the payment relates too.

    I had assumed that the payments and reconciliation were made a month in arrears as per apprenticeship and AEB funding, but this is not the case with 16-19 funding.



    Glad you found it! There isn’t reconciliation for study progs though, is there? Because of the lagged model.



    This is the reconciliation that they apply in year post R06 and/or R10 where in-year delivery is not within certain proportion of your allocation.

    I suspect that it only ever really affects ITPs due to the roll on roll off nature of their delivery, and their allocations and delivery can be more variable.

    It’s a bit odd that none of their documents explain when payments will be made though, but this could be something that everyone knows (except me).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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