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  • NikiHoll

    Please can anyone clarify what will be the “main” set of stats used by the ESFA and Ofsted?

    AELP are claiming that learners with a PED before 31/7/19 who have passed EPA before the “October data return” (not sure if this is P2 or P3) will be included in the QAR Data for 18/19.

    I was under the impression that two sets of data will be published but that the key one is the usual end of July with the October data only being a reference point where EPAOs have been in short supply??


    Martin West

    Or is the October return for 18/19 at R14 as per normal as there will only be one final QAR for 18/19.



    Yes, the October return is R14 which includes all of the achievements up to 31 July. So, if you’ve got a learner completing the EPA next week, you’ll still be able to record that achievement as occuring in 18/19 even though the year is over.

    I *know* this is a cheap plug, but if you fancy a whole day of “How does QAR work?”, I’m running a conference with AELP in Birmingham at the end of August:


    (London one next week already sold out!)



    Thanks both for this, and your points above are as I would have expected, but this is the content I refer to in this weeks AELP Countdown:

    “We are getting asked to clarify the flexibility that the ESFA have introduced in terms of recording success for the current year. This was a big win for our members and also showed the willingness of the ESFA to listen and flex. So in simple terms it is as follows:
    If an apprentice has a PED between before 31st July they can count as a success for the current year if they pass the whole EPA before the October data return – ie during the three months after the year end. Whether they are on-programme at 31st July is irrelevant.
    “Achieved by October” does mean “fully completed the EPAO” (and not just “passed gateway”).
    The ESFA will publish QAR with data from July completions and October completions (2 columns) – and as the announcement indicates both the ESFA and Ofsted will use the October data for their own purposes (minimum standards, inspection etc).



    I have also contacted the Service Desk to see if they can confirm/clarify



    [rhetorical] What does that even mean?

    I’m off to ask AELP what they’re talking about 😉



    I would love clarity on this too.



    We’ve picked this up today also so would appreciate the clarification Steve.

    My reading of this is that AELP have tried to explain the transparency update that the ESFA announced at the end of June but in a way which has created a lot of confusion.


    My view is this:

    – The official QAR will still be published using the same specification as they have already published and this will be the official data
    – they will publish some additional data that will be used as mitigating factors if you have any significant number of learners on standards with planned end dates in 18/19 that complete EPA between August and October.

    The wording in the AELP countdown is at best clumsy and at worst misleading.



    Hi Paul

    Had a brief email exchange with Simon Ashworth earlier and I agree with you entirely. The announcement here:


    which is what AELP seem to be referring to is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too non-specific for my liking, I’ll be advising the providers I work with to pretty much ignore it (if it’s an “unoffical QAR” it’s of no use to me…), Minimum Standards will still be calculated as per the Actual Rules…



    Thanks Steve and Paul – I’m glad it’s not just me that’s confused by this!
    I’ll stick with my original interpretation!



    Thanks Steve – its really not helpful when AELP miscommunicate information like this. Someone, somewhere in this country will be reworking achievement rates off the back of this announcement. I think they could do with improving their communications on things like this.

    I note that your QAR workshop is advertised in the latest countdown. Maybe you could give them a few pointers on comms whilst you are there….

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    A conversation is happening 😉

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