18/19 Data Collection Timetable

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    Apologies in advance if this appears a silly question….

    I have the 18/19 Data Collection Timetable, so i know when a Period/Return closes – but when does each period/return open? Is it a specific date 10th of the month, 15th of the month?

    TBH i never get to submit until the last few days of each month, so I’ve never noticed when it opens.



    Pellcomp Support

    Hi, Caz.

    The maintenance schedule is the best place to look for that as it brings all the various dates together:


    See “ILR guaranteed collection availability”, which my eyes always skip over as it looks like a table header!



    Caspar Verney

    Strictly speaking the Hub should be open for business all of the time so that you can make a submission whenever you want, but unfortunately someone still hasn’t realised this need.

    In practice if you work on it opening 10 days before the close date then that is not a bad rule of thumb.




    …and, actually, they’ve been a bit sneaky this year and it’s been open *a lot* more than the freeze schedule said it would be.



    I agree with Caspar. The HUB should really re-open 3-4 days after the previous Submission has closed.
    Were supposed to have this all singing all dancing bit of kit, which spends a large amount of time out of action. And then there is BI……



    So, here’s the story as I understand it (from someone high up at the time the Hub first existed):

    When it was first opened, it *was* open almost all the time but, with the exception of the last few days before a deadline, it wasn’t used at all and this was expensive and therefore stopped. It’s only since we’ve needed to match it to Apprenticeship Service and there’s a bunch of providers not using FIS (which, with the exception of Caspar (!!!), was very rare two years ago) that it’s been more usual for providers to want/need to use the Hub all month.

    Even now (per inform 23% of all files are submitted on the last day…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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