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  • JadeTurnerTC

    Hi all

    Are people going to use the apprenticeship certificate date as the AchDate or the date the learner sits/completes the last part of the EPA (assuming they pass, of course)?


    Martin West

    Hi Jade,
    Are you assuming this is only recorded when they achieve as I do not read it that way but that you record the date in this field when the EPA has been completed (pass or fail)?

    This field will be used to record the end of the apprenticeship standard. This date concludes the End point assessment period that has taken place on or after 1 August 2019. Once this date is returned the Completion status and associated Outcome must be updated accordingly



    Hi Martin

    Very fair point. I had read it as the EPA being achieved but reading again, I think you’re right. So it’s like the last day in learning for the EPA rather than an ‘achievement’ date, because they might not achieve.

    Would you use the date of the final exam / discussion then?



    Hi Jade,

    Did you get a conclusion for this query? Is it the final exam/discussion date?


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