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  • SianHacker

    We are still working on P14 for 19/20 academic year using 19-20 ILR Data Entry Tool. Also adding new enrolments to 20-21 ILR data entry tool for this academic year.

    Once P14 ILR submitted how do we update 20-21 ILR data entry tool with P14 amendments without losing enrolments processed as part of 20-21



    Sue Bishop

    Hi Sian

    The only way I managed to ensure accuracy is to update both at the same time. Pain in the A.
    Delighted we are no longer using it.




    Yup, “doing it by hand” is the only option. Remember LET is meant to be *a last resort* and isn’t really meant to be used at all!

    Once you’re past ~70 live learners you probably need to be paying for a real student record system, unless they’re incredibly homogenous…



    [lol at the advertising posts getting deleted!]


    Martin West

    Persistence normally works

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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