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  • Paul Rogers

    Dear all,

    I’m having that old time question asked and I want to make sure what the answer is for this teaching year!

    A learner was asked 18 on the 31st August 2012. They have since turned 19 in October 2012. They have approached us to start an FL programme. They have not engaged in education this year.

    I think that they are eligible to go on the programme now, but a member of staff has told me that the relevant date and that they have not engaged in any training so far this year must also be taken into account.

    So… would you enrol this learner on Foundation Learning or not for the teaching year 2012-13?



    Martin West

    Hi Paul,

    Yes on Adult learner Response (Progression Funding) as this is fully funded for those aged 19-23.


    Paul Rogers

    Thanks Martin, I guess I should have added, that we dont have access to the Adult Learner Responsive Budget as we are an Private Training Provider. But I still believe they should be “fundable” regardless of where the funds come from.


    Hi Paul

    If the learner is 18 on 31 August 2012 then they will be EFA funded for 12/13 using funding model 21.
    If they continue in learning in 13/14 then they will be SFA funded but only if you have an SFA funding contract in 13/14 for adult skills funding. If you don’t have an SFA contract for 13/14 then they won’t be funded by anyone!

    Hope that helps

    Lisa Macdougall

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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