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  • Martin West

    It is normal practice when changing systems to have confirmed that you have dual running that confirms the outputs are the same before going live but the new submit data and the HUB still have too many known issues.

    Twitchy is possibly an understatement but the ESFA seem willing to take the risk even though they cannot even provide working software that providers need to create and validate there ILR files for 2019/20 when they actually need it (at the start of the new funding year).

    They seen oblivious to the fact that Providers do need time to migrate, prepare and validate their data for R01.

    Same every year no understanding or communication from the ESFA.



    Twas ever thus unfortunately, can’t remember a year when everything was sorted and available before the start of the year…



    As long as you can submit to the Hub or the new site, not having FIS shouldn’t cause any issues in submitting R01, in the ESFAs eyes so no reason to not meet the deadline. You have a validation tool to check your data (as in the Hub/Submit Learner Data) but suppose if you use the db in anyway it could inconvenience you.

    The HUB reports were always considered more accurate than FIS, so even if there is a difference between the HUB and Submit your learner data (we need a new acronym for this!) reports, sure if you advise the service desk, they will pay you correctly?

    Personally, i m not worried. Just not too sure when R01 opens on the Hub?!

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    Martin West

    R01 opens on Thursday 22 August 2019 but you can only submit to SLD not the HUB.


    Caspar Verney

    It staggers me how grossly unprofessional the body corporate of the Agency is with inadequate communication and no visible back-up plan. Once upon a time one could resort to “Payments on Profile” whilst the cock-ups were sorted out – as Steve has said “Twas ever thus” and I am fed up watching it.

    I know I sound like a broken record but in no other industry would heads not roll for what the ESFA get away with.

    All we can do is hope (pray) that the sun comes out on 22nd August…


    Chris Williams


    Does anyone know if the current 18/19 FIS will be able to amalgamate 19/20 (R01) files?

    Just concerned as we need to join 3 datasets for R01 and with no FIS for 19/20 (and no expected release date) we may need an alternative solution in the interim



    Richard Francis

    Hi Chris,

    In the latest version of update it says:

    Submit Learner Data officially launches at the start of R01 for 2019 to 2020.

    You must make submissions for the 2019 to 2020 academic year via the new service – otherwise you will not be paid. Your payments will be based on the reports in Submit Learner Data.

    The tools you use to gather data may have moved location too. From R01, the following tools will all be accessible from a tools and services menu on the Submit Learner Data sign-in page:

    • Funding Information Service (FIS) – the desktop tool that checks your files against the 2019 to 2020 validation rules and generates 8 provisional reports (we’ll confirm the full functionality of FIS in the next edition of ESFA Update)
    • Amalgamation tool – now called ‘ILR FileMerge’
    • ILR Learner Entry Tool
    • Learning Aims Reference System (LARS) – while you can access LARS from the sign in page, you’ll be taken back to the Hub, as this tool will remain there for now.

    For the remainder of 2018 to 2019, you can submit files through the new service or the Hub. Many providers are choosing to use Submit Learner Data now, so they’re familiar with the service for the new academic year. We’ll transfer your information to the Hub automatically, and you’ll find the reports your 2018 to 2019 payments are based on in the Hub.

    I think all this is available from the 22nd August. Looks like there’s a new tool to amalgamate ILRs (ILR FileMerge), but we don’t know how (or even if) it works.



    Richard Phipps

    There is an interesting comment on the CMISC network about the new desktop tool.

    Apparently the tool doesn’t have options to choose what reports or functions you want to run, it just does the whole lot whether you want it or not.

    I know from the old tool that when doing error checking it is much faster if we don’t enable the funding calculations. I hope that the new version is not going to be slower than the old one for the error checking process..



    Martin West

    Hi Richard,
    The Beta version was released as ESFA Official Sensitive so whoever reported this on CMISC may be misleading the sector as this was not the release version and did not include reporting apart from validation.
    We will have to wait and see.



    Just checked the website and says no download yet


    Wonder when it will be released?




    Our REMS MIS system contains the 2019/20 business rules so we have at least been able to ensure that our data is correct in advance of it being released



    Where can i download the updated FIS out today? auto updates are not available on nothing on the FIS section in the HUB



    R01 is open on Submit your learner data.

    Don’t forget you can validate your data on there – you don’t need FIS.

    From reading the ESFA update the FIS download link will be on Submit your learner data page (not the Hub), but its not there yet.

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    Alan Tindall

    We’ve just tried this and the FIS download is available now 🙂

    Tested it and found it no longer kicks out the Access Database. As a ProAchieve user we use the mdb to import. I’m not sure how this will affect ProAchieve only having the ILR xml instead?

    Anyone got any thought or should I create a new thread for this?

    Kind regards,

    Alan Tindall



    Big discussion on this in the Q&A thread:


    Apparently we *might* have an .mdb by Christmas…


    Alan Tindall

    Thanks Steve

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