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  • BillinghurstT

    Hello all,

    In the 20/21 App Funding Rules there is the new section about planned v actual hours (p64 – p65).

    Am I right in presuming that because this has only come in during the 20/21 funding rules that it only applies to learners that started in August 2020?


    Martin West

    No, see below:
    P57 Since 1 August 2019 planned off-the-job training hours must also be documented on the individualised learner record. You must not change this figure once submitted (except for a data input error at the beginning of the programme).
    P58 From 1 August 2020, for the learners referenced in paragraph P57 (those where we have planned hours information on the ILR), we also require actual off-the-job training hours to be documented on the ILR at the end of the practical period.
    P58.1 We do not require actual hours information on the ILR where the apprenticeship has been disrupted by:
    P58.1.1 a change of provider;
    P58.1.2 a change of programme; or
    P58.1.3 where an apprentice has been withdrawn from the programme or put on a break in learning.
    P58.2 We reserve the right to include these at a later date.



    Hello Martin,

    Sorry I think you misunderstand or my message was poorly written. Most likely the latter!

    P64 in the new funding rules talks about where the actual hours are less than the planned hours due to early completion etc.

    From my understanding and looking at the summary of changes is a new rule and so relates to learners starting as of August 2020?


    Martin West

    Even though a new rule I interoperate that it would apply for learners completing as defined in P57/58.



    The early completion stuff has been the de facto rule for the last couple of years (it’s sort of in the OTJ guidance and was what the service desk were saying if you asked), this is just laying it out clearly in the actual rules (something I am very much in favour of!!!)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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