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    Following a recent ESFA audit as a provider we have been advised that in order to satisfy ESFA requirements we must fully detail learners 20% OTJ training. Learners attend on a day release basis one day/ week therefore we believed this to be an easy requirement however we have been told during the audit that all evidence must be detailed to include evidence of learning. We believe a realistic list would be registers, tutorials, on-line skills log completion records, assignment work. Any other suggestions of records should be kept would be welcomed.

    Thanks in advance




    Hi Lisa, was this an ESFA financial audit, or a specific audit on OTJ training?


    Martin West

    Hi Lisa,
    I would think they are referring to the following:
    P211. The evidence pack must include the following.
    211.2. Details of how the 20% ‘off-the-job’ training, excluding English and maths, will be quantified and delivered.

    This would be backed up by the evidence that you have indicated to show that it had been planned and taken place.

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    Thank you for the replies to date. We were subject to a new provider audit with the auditor indicating that details such as attendance registers and schemes of work wouldn’t necessarily demonstrate that learning had taken place. The auditor seemed to suggest that we would need signatures of students to confirm attendance (registers are still paper based) and students to sign test papers to confirm learning achievement even though we we would recording attainment



    This is ridiculous.

    I wouldn’t normally request this, but I think we need to know the name of the person asking you for this so we can take it up with the agency.

    How can a register not be sufficient to demonstrate learning, this is absolute madness?



    (I have contacted one of the senior auditors working in the sector and he categorically tells me that signed registers are not a thing…)



    Thank you so much for your help and guidance. We were so pleased to receive such a positive result from our first audit but are keen to make sure that we are on the right track with the couple of points which just need actioning.


    Joanne Knowles

    On the back of this can someone help clarify learners that have returned from agreed breaks and have left early and returned for example:
    Original start date – 01/04/16
    Leave date – 08/09/16
    Returned – 25/07/17
    Completed – 02/05/18
    Will we have to complete the 20% off the job for this learner? Just as the learner originally started before the 01/05/17.

    Thanks in advance.

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