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    We have a few apprentices that have reached their expected training end date and should be ready for gateway but due to college and employer closure (and the inability to perform certain hairdressing techniques via online learning), they are not yet ready to take their EPA and will require an additional 2 months of practical learning to help them get ready for their EPA. Can anyone please confirm if we need to include this additional practical training time within the original planned OTJ hours or extend the OTJ hrs proportionately? I have read lots about completing early and the effect on the 20% OTJ but I can’t seem to find anything for the opposite, for when they go past their expected training end date. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    Martin West

    Hi Claire,
    The 20% OTJ training requirement is over the planned duration and it is common for learners to continue training beyond this, you cannot extend the planned hours anyway as the OTJ hours must remain as planned and recorded in the commitment statement and ILR.



    OK, here’s the thing, I “know” that the answer is “no, the planned OTJ hours don’t increase if a learner is past planned end date”, but can I find it written down anywhere this afternoon? No, no I can’t…

    Obviously, you’re going to have to deliver more to get them through, but that’s OK? 20% is a minimum, right?


    Claire T

    Thank you Martin and Steve, its great to get a quick response on these things!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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