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    Afternoon all

    We have been informed by a college partner that our 12/13 candidate achievements will be rolled over in to 13/14 and be classed as untimely due to the certificates being claimed after the 31st July although learning has been completed in the 12/13 academic year in time with their predicted end date.

    They have also stated that they are untimely as the ACE Form has been dated in August (when we have physically processed the completion pack) but the actual certificates state July. They have commented the ACE form date is the achievement date, therefore they have all gone over their end dates.

    Our understanding has always been, the candidate must finish by the predicted and and the certificates should be dated within 3 months of this along with being received by the college.

    Any advice is appreciated!


    Martin West

    The timely measure allows 90 days between the planned end date and the actual end date.
    What your partner provider may be referring to is that any dates after 31st July 2013 should be recorded on the 2013/14 ILR.
    The revised 12/13 funding rules have redefined the framework achievement date as
    ‘The Apprenticeship framework achievement date (as reported in the ILR) is the date on which both the apprentice and you (if you are claiming on behalf of the apprentice) sign the apprentice declaration and authorisation form. If the apprentice and you sign on different dates, it is the later date that applies’,
    In practice this may be before the date certificates are received or certification date and the framework completion pack may be processed if verification evidence or other evidence direct from awarding body is available.
    Your understanding of timely achievement does not include the 90 day window and this is in addition to the 3 months allowed for claiming achievement.
    I think there may be some confusion between the year the achievement funding relates as against is the achievement timely but these two issues are not related.



    Thanks for the response.

    It appears it is simply the ACE declaration form that is the issue then.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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