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    I notice that in the recent document on Funding for Adults it mentions that ALS will form part of the ASB (para 74). Currently this is excluded in the funding claim. My assumption is that this will now be included and added to the income generated from provision. Can anyone confirm if my assumption is correct? Thanks!


    Tony Braithwaite

    Yes I think it will work in the same way that ASN and ALN currently works for Apprenticeships – the monthly amount (will be £150 per learner) will be part of the main income provision. If the costs of support are more than £150 then you will be able to claim the additional amount via the Data Collection Portal (para 79), details to be confirmed.

    What it will mean will be having to carry out assessments (see page 36 of the Funding Rules document) for all those declaring a disability or learning difficulty and positively flagging those who you want to calim support for. There doesn’t appear to be an automatic (formula based) provision of additional support funding; this seems to be increasing bureaucracy at the front line rather than reducing it.


    Simon France

    The funding guidance has the following two paragraphs regarding Learning Support:

    164. Learning Support will be earned at a fixed monthly rate of £150 if it has
    been identified on the ILR against an identified learning aim. We expect
    that the total that you earn from the monthly rate should be enough to
    cover the costs you incur. If the extra costs you incur in providing the
    support to the learner exceed the total earned from the fixed monthly rate
    and you provide evidence of the excess, you will be able to claim for this

    166.5. report on the ILR that a learner has a learning support need
    associated with an identified learning aim, by entering code LSF1 in
    the learning delivery funding and monitoring fields.

    I originally understood this to be £150 per learning aim (so, if a learner is receiving support for Maths and ICT we’d get £300 per month). However, I’ve heard it mentioned that it is per learner. What is everyone else’s understanding?


    Martin West

    I believed it is per learner and that is attached to an aim to establish the period it is paid over but I stand to be corrected.
    As it was always simple and flexible to operate in ER previously it is not thought that it would increase bureaucracy significantly.


    Simon France

    Thanks for replying, Martin. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see until we get a working FIS and a valid ILR before we can fully understand what is going on.



    Nick Chomyk in a recent webinar said explicitly that it was per learner, not per aim. For apprenticeships, the ILR spec seems to say that it’s recorded in the programme aim only; for classroom and workplace, it can be recorded in as many aims as you like, but it’s paid only once per learner per period. In previous incarnations, it was only paid if the aim to which it was attached was still in funding, but I can’t be sure whether this will still apply. FIS funding calculations are still so incomplete that it’s not easy to look for guidance there.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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