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    If we have an apprentice who requires equipment through Access to Work who does the equipment belong too, is it the apprentice or the employer?

    We have an apprentice who seems to be being told that they can’t take the equipment off site to assist them when they attend on their day release campus days? The equipment is mobile enough to be transported with them.

    Our understanding is that because they need this for difficulties that aren’t solely related to their apprenticeship then this needs to be from Access to Work not additional learning support.

    Has anyone else come across this?



    Martin West

    Hi Helen,
    The employer owns the equipment it buys through Access to Work and is also responsible for any maintenance, insurance and disposal costs although it is the apprentice not the employer who must apply for the Access to Work grant to cover all the adjustments (equipment) that the apprentice needs to complete their apprenticeship.

    It is possible that the access to work adviser and employer did not consider that any equipment may have to be used also at the Providers premises for the purpose of training during the apprenticeship and where the employer will not allow the equipment funded by the grant to be used you should seek advice from the Department for Work and Pensions access to work adviser.



    Thanks Martin, think we have resolved it now but really helpful to get guidance if happens again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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