Achievement of AS Level

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    We are just entering 12/13 achievements and LIS is throwing up an error for all our AS achievements. The rule states that is the aim is AS Level then the outcome cannot be achieved. Have I missed something here as this wasn’t an issue last year? Are these all partial achievements now?




    I suspect you have forgotten that for ASs 1 is not a valid outcome. It has to be

    Code Desciption
    6 AS Achieved but uncashed
    7 AS Achieved and cashed



    Hi Chris
    You should be using codes 6 (uncashed) or 7 (cashed) for AS achievements in the Outcome field (A35).
    If you are already, I’m not sure what the problem is?
    Hope this solves it



    Yep your both right I forgot that. Sorry for being thick but what is the difference between cashed and uncashed?



    Cashed in means that the student has accepted the exam result, which can be used in university applications as the first units of an A-level. They will receive a certificate as the AS-level is a qualification in its own right. They may decide not to continue with that subject, or can go on to do the remaining course units to enter for the A2s. The AS-level and the A2s then make an A-level.

    Students who are disappointed by the result of their AS-level exams can choose to reject the result – and not to cash it in. This wipes the slate clean giving the student the chance to re-sit and get a better grade.
    The qualifications remain in the bank and at a later date a student could change their mind and decide to accept the grade.




    Hello all

    This paper may help the discussion –

    Paragraph 14 confirms that uncashed AS levels will be treated as failures.

    Hope that helps


    Caspar Verney

    If uncashed AS levels are treated as failures in the statistics then that may well be totally unfair on the Provider. If it is the Learner’s own decision to cash or uncash then the Provider is being penalised, especially if the Learner has already achieved a pass grade.

    Say a Learner got a C, but expected an A and knew that they could do better (suppose they were ill on the exam day, for instance). If the Learner chooses to uncash then the Provider is quite incorrectly being penalised if it is treated as a failure.

    What do others think? Or am I missing a trick?



    I completely agree Caspar. Another completely pointless change to the system that serves no purpose to anyone.


    Martin West

    I think the rationale behind this is that it represents what the learner was aiming to achieve.
    If they achieve the grade they required then this is cashed the outcome required by both learner and provider.
    If the grade was below the outcome required this results in a fail accepting that the grade can be accepted (cashed) which then reverts it to a pass.
    It can be seen that even though the learner did not achieved what they aimed for that this can still result in achievement for the provider.


    Caspar Verney


    Just to clarify what you have said – “even though the learner did not achieve what they aimed for that this can still result in achievement for the provider” – does the achievement for the Provider only occur if the result is cashed? If the learner achieves a C, say, but chooses not to cash it then will the Provider still get an achievement in the Success Rates? Or will it be as Selvy has suggested that the uncashed result means a failure, even though the result is a successful achievement?

    Also a tongue-in-cheek question – if the student does not wish to cash such a result, but the Provider wants to show good statistics, then can the Provider report a cashed result, even though the learner does not wish it? I know that may sound silly, but a Provider could potentially better protect their own interests by so doing.

    Many thanks,


    Martin West

    Hi Caspar,
    This issue is not a problem to me as it highlights the difference between Academic and Vocational routes.
    A successful result for a vocational route is obtaining the qualification aimed for but the grade achieved is not a factor when recording achievement as long as it is not a fail.
    For an academic route at this level the purpose is progression by achieving the grade pass necessary for progression and the grade achieved is a factor when recording achievement, as long as the grade is above a fail if it is to be used for progression it may be recorded as achieved.

    You asked the question tongue-in-cheek but if a provider was to do as you suggest they would not in my opinion be operating in the spirit of their agreement, I will say no more.

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