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  • Gen2JP

    Good morning

    I am just wondering whether I am missing a report from my final P9 ILR return. On my Indicative Funding Report I can see additional payments for Disadvantaged Uplift, Framework Uplift and Incentive payments. However on my Final Reports, the new Additional Payments Report it only shows the 16-18 Incentive Payments. The other additional payments are also not included in the Apps Monthly Payment Report.

    Does anyone else also have this omission?



    Martin West

    Hi Janet,
    The reports look as intended.
    The Apps Additional Payment Report only includes the Employer/Provider incentives the purpose is to inform you of what payments are due to Employers/Providers.
    The Apps Monthly Payment Report only includes Levy, co-investment, total of addition and total payments per month the purpose is so that you can reconcile with payments received from the ESFA.
    As you have noted you can get the detail from the Indicative report.



    Hi Martin

    I take your point but it is becoming increasingly time consuming to do the reporting that we are used to doing. We used to have one PFR to analyse and apportion funding to 4 different skills centers. Now its the carry over learners, plus 3 different reports to analyse and to try to split out amongst the different center’s income. I’ve found that the Disadvantaged and Framework Uplifts are on the Period End Funding Report, but that is a total and I can’t split this into different centers. I know you said that I can use the Indicative Report to get the detail, but I am guessing that if I ever had any queries I would be told that this is just an “indicative” report and not what we actually get paid. It feels to me that there are different groups at the ESFA writing the different views of the data and its not a joined up approach. I’m probably going to have to have a complete rethink about how I can report what I need to from what we are now given. As for matching back to the Remittance Advice – well that is a different challenge altogether.




    Hi both,

    the development of being able to have comfort in the period end apps payment report matching the remittance is fine if the calculations for payments are correct. I am sure there are still some functional skills over and now under-payments based on some detailed work just completed from the period 9 final reports.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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