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  • jessicar

    So have just received this in a newsletter from our account manager:

    Your learners will only be able to apply from 15 June if you have returned your AY 2020/21 loans contract to ESFA. Please check that this has been done ahead of the service launch.

    ESFA has confirmed that the suggested template for the Learning and Funding Information Letter (LAFIL) for AY 2020/21 will be available to download at the end of June.

    So the suggested template is only available well after the portal opens, and wasn’t aware it was a suggested template – thought it was compulsory as it has web links to advice and guidance that may have changed, plus the salary you receive before having to pay back your loans changes.

    What is everyone else doing? We use the template and then extra bits of info unique to us.




    Can’t believe there’s going to be any material changes?

    You’re right about mandatory use of the template though, it’s even in the 20/21 rules (as it has been pretty much every year):

    56. You must use the standard template for the letter and include:
    56.1. standard text as set out in the template letter


    Louise Boyd

    We wouldn’t want to delay till the end of June as we’ve already got learners requesting the letters even though we’ve advised them the portal isn’t open yet.

    We have 2 versions of the letter, one we supply to our applicants and another for learners once they are enrolled. I intend to use the 19/20 version of the applicants letter initially, dates and contact details updated, and will update as necessary when the new template is released. Hopefully, it will be before 5pm on 30 June!



    We had comms from SLC that the letter will actually be published soon.

    It appears that the Loans Catalogue will not be published this year either. What are others doing to validate maximum loans fee? I guess a simple check to LARS?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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