AEB and HE students?

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    I cannot see anywhere in the funding rules that forbids current HE students accessing an AEB course so can anyone advise whether a current university student could do, for example, a mental health awareness certificate?

    In the good old days, before funding simplification, I’m certain that current HE students could not access adult skills whatsoever but I cannot find anything in the last few years AEB funding rules about this.

    Thanks for any advice.



    Yeah, there’s a bit in the 16-19 Rules about (18 year old) FT HE learners not being able to access study prog funding, and it’s clear in the App funding that it’s not allowed, but, as you say, nothing in AEB.

    It’s alluded to in PDSATs 20A-520 where the report logic says:

    Apprentices starting programmes on or after 1 May 2017 must not be enrolled on another DfE funded HE programme at any point during their apprenticeship programme. Also, the ESFA does not fund learning that duplicates provision funded from another source, and does not expect systematic claims of FE funding for HE learners.

    I seem to recall, in the olden days, that the example given was “it’s OK for individuals to do an AEB course off their own bat (eg retaking GCSE English or Maths), but not whole cohorts (eg a group of BSc Sports Science students doing a coaching qual)”



    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for responding and I agree that for the odd course, then it should be OK and mental health awareness aligns with para.2 of the funding rules and in particular the end of the 2nd sentence.

    2. ESFA funded AEB aims to engage adults and provide the skills and learning they need to progress into work or equip them for an apprenticeship or other learning. It enables more flexible tailored programmes of learning to be made available, which may or may not require a qualification, to help eligible learners engage in learning, build confidence, and/or enhance their wellbeing.

    Enjoy the long weekend and stay safe and well.



    At our 1718 audit GCSE Maths/English was ok as long as wasn’t also doing a Maths/English HE course.

    Key thing they were looking at was crossover in content between the two funding models. So someone doing a HE course in sport, shouldn’t really be funded to do an AEB course in fitness instructing unless you could prove wasn’t being covered by the HE course.

    Most of our HE students who were doing AEB also tended to be doing Maths/English/ICT courses, so we had no issues with duplication of content.



    Many thanks Jessica for the confirmation from an audit.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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