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    Wondering if anyone could shed some light on how you would evidence the UC criteria identified in paragraph 149.3 of the AEB Funding rules.

    they receive Universal Credit, and earn either less than 16 times the
    appropriate age-related rate of the national minimum wage / national living
    wage a week, or £338 a month (individual claims) or £541 a month
    (household claims) and Jobcentre Plus determine as being in one of the
    following groups
    149.3.1 all Work-Related Requirements Group
    149.3.2 work Preparation Group
    149.3.3 work-Focused Interview Group

    Our cohort of UC claimants is growing due to the transition from other state benefits. I am mostly concerned about evidencing the £338 a month (individual claims) or £541 a month
    (household claims) and checking this to fully fund these learners. I perhaps thought we could collect print screens of their accounts, but don’t want to do this unnecessarily if this is not required.

    Thanks in advance.


    Martin West

    I think you misunderstand the rule as you only need to establish if the learners claim is for the individual or a household claim where they are employed part time and earn less than the amounts specified.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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