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    Hi everyone,

    Hoping someone can help!

    For unemployed AEB learners with no prior qualifications – can they be enrolled straight onto level 2 qualifications or do they have to go through EL3 / L1 first?

    Thanks in advance,



    The learner should do the best qualification for them. If you assess them as being able to complete an L2 qualification, that’s absolutely fine, there’s nothing in the Rules to stop it.



    Thanks Steve.

    I ask because I’ve just been told by a friend that the eligibility for unemployed learners has changed and they are not always automatically fully funded for L2 qualifications.

    She said it depends on their PLR and if they already have a level 2 then they can be fully funded for a level 2, but if not then they must do a entry level qual / level 1 qual from local flexibility instead.

    Does this ring a bell with you? I’m reading the guidance but I think I’m going guidance blind!



    Your friend is confusing two different bits i think.

    From 17/18, 19-23s (regardless of employment status) without a full level 2 can’t do a L2 qualification that isn’t full. They are fully funded for entry and L1 quals as a stepping stone to FL2, but once they’ve done an L1 they have to go straight to FL2.

    They can still go straight to FL2 if that’s appropriate.

    This is all entitlement-related funding, not Local Flex and 24+ unemployed learners are fully funded on all quals, regardless of prior level of attainment.

    simple [ahem]



    Thanks Steve, you’re helping a lot!

    I’ve checked the AEB webinar that the SFA held, and there is a statement on there that says:
    ‘*From 1 August 2017, learners aged 19 to 23 progressing to their first full Level 2, can only undertake learning at Entry and Level 1 from local flexibility ‘

    I read this as if they don’t have a level 2 prior knowledge they couldn’t start a Level 2 without doing entry level or level one first. But is what they are saying that they have to do full level two qual to be eligible for the full funding (e.g. an NVQ) ?



    Yes, that’s correct. They can do E and L1 fully funded (if under 23) on their way to FL2 *if they need to*, but they can go straight to FL2 if that’s appropriate.

    The list of eligible FL2 quals is here:

    Most Diplomas and some Certs count as FL2, depending on the subject areas.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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