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    I am going to ask what appears to be a question I should know the answer to but have had various input from colleagues and I am now thoroughly confused.

    I am auditing our AEB provision and have come across a couple of learners that need to be withdrawn back to their start date as they were ineligible. We have overspent on our AEB allocation and I need to know if the money we pay back due to withdrawals goes back into our AEB POT. for example one learner has done FS ICT @ £311 and Digital employability @ £300, I will be withdrawing him back to start, will the £611 be repaid via our ILR upload this month and then be added back to our allocation allowing me to spend that £611 on further training?




    Why are you withdrawing them back to the start if they have done the two courses? Why not jut change them to non-funded from SFA funded if they are ineligible?



    thanks but withdrawing or changing them to non SFA would still result in the funding being repaid and so the question still stands

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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