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  • KLF2015

    We are receiving the above error for a levy apprentice which states the incorrect agreement ID is being returned.

    Its a learner who has transferred employers a while back, it has not flagged up until today after doing an upload to the hub.

    i have doubled check that the correct identifiers have been returned, I’ve even copied them straight from the DAS, i have made sure that the correct reference is against the old employer and the new employment entry but it will not clear.

    Was wondering if anyone had a fix for this?

    Many Thanks


    Martin West

    The error condition for is:
    LearnerEmploymentStatus.AgreeId is NULL on the programme start date (LearningDelivery.LearnStartDate of the programme aim (LearningDelivery.AimType = 1)) and there is no record of
    LearningDelivery.LearnDelFAMType = ACT and
    LearningDelivery.LearnDelFAMCode = 1

    So I would check ACT 1 and dates

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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