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  • Garry Welborn


    Can anyone advise on whether the ALS (£150 per month)funding can be used against learners being supported who are enrolled on Community Learning courses (FM10)

    Kind REgards



    Martin West

    Hi Garry,
    The ILR specifications indicate that LSF only applies to FM 35 and FM 36 and this is confirmed in the PSM in the following:
    323. The LSF FAM type is used by all types of providers for learning aims funded through the Adult skills funding model (FM 35) and for all funded apprenticeships (including FE colleges, local authorities and private training providers) and should be recorded for all learners who require learning support funding.

    For FM 10 I am not sure, but I think you include any support costs in your funding claims as this includes your actual delivery to date, see the following from the AEB rules:

    220. Non-formula community learning funding is paid on a monthly profile, see Annex D. You must ‘attribute costs’ for eligible learners, up to the value of your non-formula community learning allocation. This should include the cost of delivering learning and any support costs, in line with learner and learning support, paragraphs 235 to 253. You must record these costs in the learner’s learning plan.


    Garry Welborn

    Hi Martin,

    As always, thank you for quick response and guidance

    Kind Regards


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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