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  • Simon Dukes


    Should ALS high earners be recorded as SFA or YPLA funded?



    Tony Braithwaite

    If they are under 24 then EFA (YPLA has long gone) otherwise SFA. If SFA then you will probably need to raise an EAS (Earnings Adjustment Statement) to report the additional expense.



    19-24 learners ASB non apprenticeships with a 139a assessment (FAM type LDA) should be EFA 25 and 107. So if 16-18 high cost (over £19000) they need their ALSCost recording and FAM Type ALS set to 1. Any 19+ without 139a assessment need to be SFA funded and FAM type LSF set and the LSF dates setting.
    I hope this helps?


    Simon Dukes

    Thanks. Yes I meant EFA (it’s just we have a YPLA flag on UNIT-e still).

    Just to confirm if a learner is 19-24 with ALS they are EFA otherwise SFA.

    Appreciate your help!



    As long as they have a 139a



    I have an issue around this currently. I have my 19-24 flagged as 25 & 107, Requires ALS, has an Education, Health, Care Plan (we are in a pilot area so most of them have this not a S139a). But they are showing in the Sixth form section of the funding claim. I have asked the Data Service but still no reply. Any ideas?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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