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  • Martin West

    The new codes are described but not listed in this document so we will need to search LARS to find them.

    This means looking up the category and then the code format for the applicable funding stream in LARS.

    When will LARS be available?

    What are the codes?

    They have done it again and made simplification complicated.


    Caspar Verney

    Whilst I agree with your frustration, does it not say on page 2 that the new codes will be available in LARA in the middle of May, so that’s only 2 weeks away?



    A sizable chunk of our provision as a provider is non-accredited… just looking at the example given in the Skills Funding Agency Adult Funded Provision on page 4: for a Non-regulated SFA formula funded provision, Entry Level, preparation for work, 101 to 196 hrs, Prog Weigh A… the code is “Z0001543”.

    I can’t see anything that readily relates the code back to its funding characteristics, so it looks like these codes are just going to be made up of arbitary numbers/letters.

    Shame, because for the 2012-13 and previous years’ codes I was able to build a tool for our staff that “built” the non-regulated aim code they needed based on the notional level, SSA and programme weighting characteristics… I guess they’ll have to learn how to traverse the LARA/LARS instead.


    Martin West

    Hi Caspar & Matt,
    Yes the intention is the old class codes will have a ‘last date’ in LARA for new starts added of 31 May 2013 so we have to use the new codes from there on.

    So we have to wait and see if they can update LARA correctly before we know what the new codes are why not give us a list as they have done in all previous years? Making all of us look up codes in an application that is full of errors already makes no sense and is only increasing the burden being place on Providers.

    It has taken them years to put pathway codes in LARA and it is still not correct, what chance of them updating the new class codes before April? When they do at least we will be able to get a list of the codes from the LARA download.



    These are already in LARA if you are OLASS provision. We had this guidance a few weeks ago as it applies to the non regulated personal & social development element of our contract. The guidance for us was that we check the OLASS radial button on the LARA search page, enter Z* as the search parameter & add the SSA & level.

    I know this is OLASS specific but we have the same methodology, so can’t this be used for you guys to look up the codes (although this wont give you a funding rate)

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