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    We have an employee who during IA has stated that they are already studying for GCSE maths (due to complete June 2020) at a local college. She already has proof of English.

    Can I still enrol her onto an apprenticeship even though she’s doing the GCSE? I’ve had a look through the EP rules and I’m not entirely clear on if this counts as DfE funded or not as it is a component of the apprenticeship, we just wouldn’t be delivering it.



    Um, it definitely counts as DfE funded!

    So, if they’d started the App first, they definitely wouldn’t be able to go to college to do their GCSE, so they can’t do both at once. Whether it makes sense for him to stop doing the GCSE now and do FS2 as part of his app, or for him to get his GCSE first and then start his app is the discussion i think?


    Emma M

    Thanks for responding. It just seems crazy to me that your couldn’t do both at once when you actually can’t do the Apprenticeship without achieving the minimum standard in maths anyway – it would have to be funded one way or another whether it was through us or a college/subcontractor!



    Yeah, it’s not particularly sensible, but this is where we find ourselves!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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