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  • lharkins

    Hi All
    Hope you can help with this one.
    We have a number of apprentice learners who start on less than 30 hours as their contracted working hours. We apply a calculator to this that tells us how long the learner should be on programme based on hours and input their expected end date appropriately.

    Here is my query. I have a learner who started on 17 hours per week, who was given an extended period (21 months) to take the regulations in to account and ensure the minimum duration is adhered to. The learner after 3 months has informed us they have now got a full time 37 hour per week contract which means they can devote the full time equivalent time to the apprenticeship.

    By my reckoning, this learner will achieve approximately 7 months before their expected end date. As we are unable to change dates (this is not an error it is a circumstance change) how do i manage the learner. the PDSAT will report as early completer but the learner will have done over a year.

    Is it simply a case of reporting the circumstance change on the PDSAT and as evidence on the learner file or will this cause me ILR issues? If yes what do i do with the ILR? Any thoughts on evidence types I would need to keep?

    Many thanks



    As long as the learner is on programme for a year and a day, you should not have any issues with the learner.



    Could I ask what calculation you do to determine the length of stay?


    Martin West

    Hi Les,
    This should not cause any ILR issues and the actions taken would be appropriate to document the change.



    Hi all & thanks for the confirmations

    @BlackLedgends – I use a spreadsheet i creates that is based on the example given on page 37 of the 14/15 guidance



    One other thing on working hours and duration’s:

    I have just been informed we have received a ‘complaint’ from an employer who is asking why their employee who works 16 hours a week must spend nearly twice as long on programme as their full time employee.

    I have already pointed out the funding guidance on page 37 (Employment Hours box) but the reply is that this does not explain why it is so only that it must be so…

    Having tried ACE and got nothing is there any document anyone is aware of that explains the why someone on (using the SFA example) doing 20 hours must spend 18 months completing a 12 month apprenticeship

    Hope that makes sense



    Hi lharkins,
    The only thing that I’m aware of is the amount of on-the-job hours required by the framework. This is contained in each framework document

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