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    Can anyone advise how I can calculate the funding rate for apprentices for 14/15. Is it correct that there is one amount for apprentices from the catalogue and this is used for both 16-18 and 19+ learners and this is then divided by delivery to provide monthly opps. Or do we need to use the old calculation of SLN x National Rate for existing frameworks.



    Kirsty, nothing so simple, I’m afraid. To express it in very broad-brush terms: you take the weighted apprenticeship money amount from the LARS table, then multiply it up by a factor for 16-18 learners and down by a factor for 24+ learners; you then apply several other funding factors to get to the value of the aim. There’s a lot more detail — possibly more than you want — in the technical funding specification at the oddly named


    David Neal


    16-18 are approx 7% higher, 24+ approx 20% lower. Don’t forget the values in LARS/spreadsheet are for fuilly funded 19-23, so for adults you reduce by 50%.

    And Functional Skills are “fixed”.

    I have a working (sort of) spreadsheet, if you email me I’ll send it to you (


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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