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  • Wayne H

    Hi all,
    I’m just seeking some general advice regarding data and good practices on the following problem.

    When an apprentice leaves his/her employer of their own accord due to various issues within the workplace (i.e. not made redundant), and is looking for a new employer while still wishing to attend for example. tech cert at the college.

    To the letter of the law the learner should be withdrawn from the apprenticeship and then possibly restarted at a later point. Only issue with this is that it would effect success stats every time this happens and there is also the concern of the learner being in limbo while they sourcing a new employer.

    Is there any good practice for this, or is it as simple as it’s a withdrawal? It seems the rules now state breaks in learning has to be agreed between the employer and the learner thus you would not be able to use this to suspend learning for a period.

    I’m sure this must be fairly common due to issues in the workplace and I’d appreciate any thoughts on the topic.



    Martin West

    In those circumstances it has to be a withdrawal from the Apprenticeship but where this is restarted at a later date it is not counted against success rates.



    Hi Martin,

    can you confirm the way in which you would code this in the ILR to not impact on success rates please?

    I have not read anything to suggest the QAR would include a restarted withdrawal as an exclusion, so would I be right in assuming that you are changing the coding of the original programme from withdrawal to temporary withdrawal or a transfer, once they return?

    thank you,


    Martin West

    Hi JJ,
    You misunderstand, if they restart then this would not have a negative effect on QAR as the withdrawal would be cancelled out by the achievement.
    There is no workaround to avoid the withdrawal or circumvent the rules in this situation.



    So you have a learner who becomes unemployed in 17/18 with Expected End Date in 17/18.
    That learner is withdrawn as an early Leaver and has a negative impact on 17/18 QAR.

    The same Learner then resigns with a new employer and then achieves in 17/18 with Expected End Date in 17/18. This is a positive outcome on QAR.

    Overall the outcome is negative as the success rate is 1/2 = 50% (but better than the 0% you would get if you didn’t resign)

    The situation just get worse if the learner leaves the employer a second time and the success rate would be 33.3% but more likely the EED would fall 18/19 and the Susses rate in 17/18 would be 0%.



    That’s essentially where I was coming from Jack. Wayne has set out the issue of an individual counting against you every time that they leave their employer.

    Martin responded, and my interpretation of that response was that it wouldn’t count as a withdrawal, but the subsequent response to me – I think – suggests that essentially a re-start that subsequently became an achiever could neutralise the withdrawal, rather than be a reversal of a withdrawal.

    As you state however Jack, the likelihood is that you would end up with a withdrawal in one contract year, instantly impacting on the success rate in the relevant hybrid year, and then the potential to gain an achiever in another contract year.

    It is not uncommon to have learners switching employers multiple times throughout their apprenticeship, and rarely is it completely seamless, so every learner now becomes a huge risk to training providers unless something changes in the QAR or the rules around withdrawal and restarting of an apprenticeship.


    Wayne H

    Thanks to all the has responded, some good replies. I’m still a bit annoyed at the way the QAR works the stats as like you said it’s not always a ‘seamless process’ of changing employers.

    Does anyone know if a learner is made redundant 6 months or more from the planned end date and you update their employment status record in order to get funding for 12 weeks after, does the ILR throw an error up on week 13 effectively?



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