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    is it possible for a provider to be in the position of creating the apprentice records on the employer side of the DAS?

    Seem to be encountering a lot of employers pleading ignorance as to whether they need to create their own apprentices on the system.



    Once the employers have setup their DAS account then they can create cohorts and assign them to providers, these can be empty or partially/fully complete.

    Alternatively the employers can assign the “create new cohort” functionality directly to the provider. This ability is relatively new.


    Martin West

    You can do this if the employer has asked you to do this either manually or by bulk upload.


    Ruth CJ

    Like Rob said. We’re increasingly having employers give us permission to do it for them, which is not much of an extra burden really. So many of our employers put the details in wrong anyway, we have to change probably 60%. It’s particularly bad in Engineering, where the framework and pathway names are all so similar. Even when you do it for them, they have to log in and approve it. They should not be giving you their login details.

    Write some guidance for employers, with screen shots. I have access to our DAS account as the employer, so was able to do that. Also, instructions on how they should give you permission to do it yourselves if that’s what you choose. The ESFA guidance is ok, but you can put your own UKPRN in your own guidance.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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